Around the Web: “Doctor Who” and The Wheelhouse Review

If you’re interested in learning more about my personal insecurities, finding a foothold on the steep slopes of Doctor Who or just complaining about those darn millennials and their cell phones, you may be interested in an article I just wrote for The Wheelhouse Review.  Head on over to read more about how Doctor Who‘s recent season premiere is basically the same experience as a trip to a bookstore or a 20-something’s failed relationship.

Punk Jews and Jesus Freaks: Around the Web

I recently wrote a short review of the documentary Punk Jews for Sojourners. Head to to check it out!

Food For Other Thought: Marriage, Urbanism and the Next Great Migration

Today has been the highest-ever traffic day for Vision of the City, a separate blog I maintain for the sake of occasionally tossing out conversation fodder for folks who like to think and talk about the intersection of Christian faith and civic life. If that sort of thing is your bag, then head over to Vision of the City for some quick thoughts on a telling transition a Christian radio figure recently made between two topics.

For everyone else, I’m finally going to watch the How I Met Your Mother finale tonight, so I’m sure some thoughts on that will be coming your way later this week.

Tune Inn’s Beer-Battered Burger

Tune Inn on Capitol Hill

Tune Inn Restaurant on Capitol Hill in DC

For those of you who missed it, I recently reviewed the beer-battered burger from Tune Inn, a Capitol Hill institution. Head on over to DC Style Is Real for the review.

The Gibson

A scotch-based cocktail at The Gibson in Washington, DC

The Scorched Earth at The Gibson

Last week, I wrote a guest post for a fun DC culture/nightlife blog called DC Style is Real highlighting The Gibson—a speakeasy that makes some of the best cocktails on the Atlantic seaboard. The bar is celebrating its third anniversary tonight, but if you can’t make it to DC for the shindig, then head on over to DC Style is Real and check out my write-up.

Memento’s Mementos

Memento revived and redefined the noir

Memento helped revive and redefine the contemporary noir

I recently wrote about Christopher Nolan’s Memento for Brooklyn Public Library. Head over to their blog to check a brief musing on the film’s place in the pantheon of noirs and recommendations for classic books that fed into the film’s traditions.

Snow Days Rick’s Way

Snow Day Books

Brooklyn Bridge in the snow.

In light of the recent weather, I wrote about my checkered history with snow days (and the books and movies that got me through them) for Brooklyn Public Library. Check it out on their blog.

Brushing Up On Superheroics

It’s been a big week for fans of comic book movies: The first image of Captain America has been released, and Christopher Nolan has announced that Bane and Selina Kyle will be the antagonists in his next Batman movie. If you’re looking for a guide on brushing up on these—and other—big-screen comic book heroes, check out my recent article for Brooklyn Public Library’s blog.

Yes, I Got Hit By A Car And Abducted. Here’s The Story.

If I can get personal for a moment, the past fifteen months have been intense.  They’ve been so intense that, amidst everything else that was going on, permanently moving to a different continent twice felt easy.  The year has left me with a lot of tragic, hilarious, frustrating, heart-breaking, edifying and beautiful stories.

Smashed watermelons

Sadly, none of those stories explain why there were smashed watermelons in my street one day. My best guess is that Gallagher's birthday is HUGE in Armenia.

But people never want to hear those ones.  Since I got back to the States, the only story people have wanted to hear is the story of how I got hit by a car and abducted by the Armenian mob.

Well, for those of you who haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, I’ve written a guest post at TLB Adventures detailing the main points of the night.  As Douglas Adams once said, this won’t necessarily set the record straight, but it will at least set it firmly crooked.

Thanks to Jon Levy at TLB Adventures for letting me tell the tale.